About Us | ISO 9001 AS9100 Certified

Who We Are

Established in 1989, Ergoseal designs and manufactures mechanical, lip, non-contacting, and magnetic seals exclusively for OEMs. We collaborate with engineering teams to produce high-performance, application-based seals in low to high volume. An active member of the Fluid Sealing Association with a wide range of solutions and an emphasis on value-driven partnerships, we represent a fresh, honest approach to sealing technology and production.

What We Do

Value Added Services

  • Application engineering
  • Functional analysis, testing, and reporting
  • Inventory stocking programs
  • Custom Rubber Products
  • Precision machining and grinding

Value Driven Partnerships

Ergoseal’s philosophy of “Value Driven Partnerships” drove the acquisitions of both Norman Technology and Sieber Tooling Solutions in 2014. We now are able to serve a wider variety of industries, provide the highest level quality standards, and expand our value-added manufacturing services to respond to your needs.

The Ergo Advantage

Now more than ever, Ergoseal offers the widest variety of custom sealing solutions to OEMs of rotating equipment. We partner with you to bring value to your operation today and for years to come.

To drive value for our customers, we constantly work to expand our product lines. For decades, we've set a new standard in custom mechanical face and non-contacting seals.

Most recently, we've added application-engineered lip seals, related rubber products, and bolstered machining and metal forming capacities to enhance our OEM partnerships.

In January of 2016, we proudly received our AS9100C certification in addition to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, held since 1998. Ergoseal has a reputation with global clientele for highly engineered seals that just simply work.

  • Inventory stocking programs to suit your unique volume and lead-time needs
  • Custom rubber products to provide a single source for related items
  • Precision machining and grinding to complement your own and reduce time-to-market

The OEM Commitment is our promise to refrain from selling replacement seals to aftermarket and repair businesses where such sales might compete with a given OEM's business with end users.

We create a "blue ocean" for our partners and provide them with the proper stock and assistance for replacement and repair programs. We feel our partnerships should never be undermined, only validated. We're committed to the OEM Advantage and your long-term business stability.