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Mechanical Seals

Why choose Ergoseal? We deliver precision engineering, deep experience, and constant innovation. Our mechanical seals are designed to perform under extreme conditions across a full range of aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. That's why we've been the OEM top choice for decades.

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Ergoseal has great customer service. They’re always available to answer questions and respond to urgent requests. If there are any issues, their support engineering team is on it.

Marcela T. • Commodity Manager, Howden
Commercial Mechanical Seals

Standard Mechanical Seals

As a value added service to our customers, we provide commercial sealing solutions, including single coil, elastomer bellows, ANSI cartridge seals, etc with a wide variety of elastomers, metals, and face materials. Due to our engineering expertise, we have often recommended different materials and loads to improve performance of "off-the-shelf" seals.

Custom Mechanical Seals

Custom Mechanical Seals

Ergoseal's seal design and engineering department has expertise in a wide variety of sealing solutions allowing us to design the optimum seal to match both long-term performance needs and goals for operating expense. All new designs are verified with our proprietary FEA program to reduce or eliminate the need for costly design iterations.