With the safety of millions of people in mind, the aerospace industry requires sealing solutions that are reliable, consistent and perform to the highest standards – every time. As critical parts of the aircraft, seals must hold up under the most extreme conditions imaginable: high speed, widely varied temperatures, and corrosive chemicals. Ergoseal provides durable, optimized sealing solutions you can count on for aerospace applications.


Aerospace Application

aero-Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary Power Units

APUs provide power to aircraft systems when main engines are not operational, ensuring safety and comfort of passengers and crew. They reduce fuel consumption and emissions during ground operations, making them crucial for efficient aircraft functioning.

aero-Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems power vital aircraft functions, such as landing gear and flight control surfaces, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Aerospace-grade systems endure extreme conditions and are indispensable for aircraft maneuvering, takeoff, and landing.

aero-Aircraft engine

Aircraft Engine Cooling Systems

Engine cooling systems are essential to regulate engine temperature and prevent overheating. These systems circulate a cooling medium, such as water, to dissipate engine heat. Overheating can cause mechanical failures and compromise aircraft safety. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, engine cooling systems are indispensable for reliable aircraft operation.


Fuel Systems

Fuel systems are a vital component of aerospace applications, responsible for managing and distributing fuel to engines. They must be designed to be reliable, efficient, safe, and meet strict regulations. As aerospace continues to advance, the development of fuel systems will remain a crucial aspect, ensuring safe and efficient travel and exploration for years to come.

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