With the safety of millions of people in mind, the aerospace industry requires seal solutions that not only reliably perform to the highest standards, but also support a more sustainable future. As critical parts of the aircraft, seals must hold up under the most extreme conditions imaginable: high speed, widely varied temperatures, and corrosive chemicals. Ergoseal provides durable, optimized sealing solutions you can count on for even the most innovative aerospace applications. 


Aerospace Applications

aero-Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary Power Units

APUs provide power to aircraft systems when main engines are not operational, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. They reduce fuel consumption and emissions during ground operations, making them crucial for efficient aircraft functioning. 

aero-Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems power vital aircraft functions, such as landing gear and flight control surfaces, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Aerospace-grade systems endure extreme conditions and are indispensable for aircraft maneuvering, takeoff, and landing. 

aero-Aircraft engine

Aircraft Engine Cooling Systems

Engine cooling systems are essential to regulate engine temperature and prevent overheating. These systems circulate a cooling medium, such as water, to dissipate engine heat. Overheating can cause mechanical failures and compromise aircraft safety. Engine cooling systems are indispensable for reliable aircraft operation and are designed to withstand harsh conditions. 


Fuel Systems

Fuel systems are a vital component of aerospace applications, managing and distributing fuel to engines. They must be designed to be reliable, efficient, safe, and meet strict regulations.  


The increased adoption of more sustainable APUs means that the sealing components in the APU must effectively contain fluids, such as fuel and lubricants, to prevent any unintended leaks that could contribute to environmental harm. Improved sealing technology is essential to achieving these sustainability goals, and we’re proud to be part of making this shift possible.  

Aircraft Cooling Systems

Ergoseal has the engineering and testing capabilities to ensure material compatibility and design optimization for the temperature variations and pressure differentials that innovative aircraft cooling systems require. 

Hydraulic Systems

As the aerospace industry moves toward more eco-friendly hydraulic fluids, we must ensure that the seals used in the hydraulic system are compatible with these new fluids to prevent leakage and maintain system integrity. 

Fuel Systems

Going forward, the development of more efficient and sustainable fuel systems will be a high priority in this sector. Using less or alternative fuel presents a variety of fluid sealing challenges, particularly when it comes to optimization or testing material compatibility. Ergoseal is well-versed in industry developments and has the capability and resources to be part of the movement toward more sustainable aerospace travel and exploration for years to come.  

Sustainability in the Aerospace Sector 

The aerospace industry has a focus beyond providing safe, reliable travel and exploration: to do so while leaving less of a carbon footprint by employing more sustainable methods and processes. This shift affects fluid sealing needs in several ways.  

The Ergoseal Difference 

When you partner with Ergoseal you're not just getting sealing solutions; you're getting a team of experts dedicated to your success. Our globally recognized AS9100 Certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence in safety precision, and reliability.  

That commitment drives our continuous pursuit of innovation and sustainability and has earned us the trust of leading aerospace organizations worldwide. 

Review our comprehensive range of sealing solutions to see how we can support your aerospace projects. Whether designing the next generation of aircraft or pioneering space exploration, Ergoseal is your trusted partner in sealing excellence. 

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