Ergoseal Receives "Made in Illinois" Grant from Illinois DCEO

We're excited to announce that Ergoseal, a leading manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing solutions, has been awarded a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) through the Made in Illinois grant program.

On May 9th, Governor JB Pritzker, along with the Illinois DCEO and the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), allocated $1.7 million in grant funding to 40 small and mid-sized manufacturers statewide. This program offers up to $50,000 in matching grants to local manufacturers in Illinois to foster innovation and strategic progress in manufacturing, with IMEC overseeing grant administration.

About Made in Illinois

The Made in Illinois initiative is designed to support and promote the manufacturing sector within the state. Its primary objective is strengthening Illinois-based manufacturers by providing financial assistance, technical support, and resources to enhance their competitiveness and spur innovation.

Through the Made in Illinois initiative, the DCEO offers various programs and incentives to assist manufacturers in expanding their operations, adopting advanced technologies, improving productivity, and accessing new markets. These measures aim to create an environment for manufacturing businesses to thrive, ultimately contributing to job creation, economic growth, and the overall vitality of Illinois' manufacturing sector.

Grant Program

One of the flagship programs under this initiative is the Made in Illinois Grant Program, which provides matching grant funding to manufacturers to support innovation and advancements in manufacturing. 

“The Made in Illinois Grant initiative supports small to medium-sized manufacturers by covering expenses linked to improving operations, expanding production capabilities, and fostering future growth and profitability,” says Ergoseal COO Chris Verni.

This grant is a testament to Ergoseal's commitment to innovation and excellence, and it will enable the company to enhance its capabilities and expand its operations. With this funding, Ergoseal can invest in cutting-edge technologies to drive continued success.

"We are very thankful to have received the Made in Illinois Grant," says Verni. 

"It helped offset the cost of new software, in-house automation improvements, and the buildout of a new test rig.  With these enhancements in place, we are equipped to take on new projects, innovate products, and continue investing in the growth of our business moving forward." 

Looking Ahead

Ergoseal is proud to receive this prestigious grant and looks forward to leveraging this support to further solidify its position as a leader in the fluid sealing industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as Ergoseal continues to drive innovation and growth in Illinois and beyond.

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