Strengthening Client Partnerships: Power of Quarterly Business Reviews

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is the lifeblood of any successful business. At Ergoseal, we've made it a priority to nurture these partnerships, ensuring that our goals remain aligned with our clients' needs.

To achieve this, we've implemented Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) – a strategic initiative designed to deepen collaboration, address challenges proactively, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.


Before the introduction of QBRs, our interactions with clients were largely transactional, focused primarily on individual projects rather than long-term strategy.

“We've long prioritized cultivating robust relationships and exemplary customer service. However, with the surge of remote work in our sector, we recognized an opportunity to distinguish ourselves from competitors by fostering frequent strategic dialogues aimed at problem-solving and future planning,” says Chris Verni, Ergoseal’s chief operating officer/integrator. 

Thus, the QBR process was born.


Our QBR process involves regular meetings with key clients to review our business relationship comprehensively. These sessions cover a range of topics:

Current Business Discussion: Open dialogue about ongoing projects, recent successes, and challenges allows us to gain valuable insights into our clients' perspectives and business environments.

Issue Resolution: Client concerns are promptly addressed during QBR sessions, demonstrating our commitment to service excellence. Our team proactively sought solutions and implemented corrective measures. 

Forecast Review: A thorough examination of the current forecast ensures alignment between client needs and our capabilities, identifying areas for growth and collaboration.

New Project Exploration: We use QBRs to discuss potential new projects or initiatives, further solidifying our partnership and fostering future growth. By discussing upcoming opportunities, we can strategize and plan effectively for future endeavors. 


The implementation of QBRs has led to significant benefits for both Ergoseal and our clients:

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Our clients appreciate our proactive approach to addressing their needs and concerns. Proactive problem-solving and open communication have strengthened our relationships and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Service Quality: By addressing issues promptly and proactively, we deliver superior service quality, driving higher retention rates and increased loyalty.

Better Understanding of Client Needs: Regular engagement and dialogue have deepened our understanding of client requirements, enabling us to tailor sealing solutions more effectively.

Increased Sales Opportunities: By exploring new projects during QBRs, we've identified additional sales opportunities and expanded our business with existing clients, contributing to revenue growth and market expansion.

As a result of the QBR initiative, Ergoseal was able to negotiate an annual agreement with a long-standing customer.

“We have shipped them parts for years with long lead times,” explains account manager Bryan Kreager.

“They are now able to call in parts in two weeks instead of ten to 12 weeks and are very happy with this arrangement. They plan to renew for the foreseeable future.”

Kreager notes similar success with another client, with whom Ergoseal was able to negotiate a long-term, lower-priced, multi-year agreement. Other customers were also impressed after new buyers sat in on their first QBRs and offered Ergoseal new projects after learning our full capabilities.

Expansion and Future Outlook

Encouraged by the success of our initial QBRs, we're expanding their use to encompass a larger portion of our client base. Additionally, growing our sales team ensures comprehensive coverage and proactive client engagement.

Quarterly Business Reviews have proven to be a valuable tool for Ergoseal in strengthening client partnerships, improving service quality, and driving business growth. By prioritizing open communication, proactive issue resolution, and strategic planning, we're poised for continued success in the marketplace.

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